About the singers Agents™

Singers AgentsTM was founded by Carl Bourhenne, MA to provide singers at all levels, amateur, student, beginner, intermediate, advanced, and touring professional to make money performing at all venues including small restaurants , bars, homes, and other such venues, and to enjoy singing for an audience the way they’ve always wanted to perform.

Mr. Bourhenne has been studying singing and the vocal instrument virtually non-stop since third grade, and he loves sharing what he’s learned.

His knowledge and experience comes from many years of study, research, and performing experience.

Mr. Bourhenne has had nine singing teachers in his own life, so he knows how singers feel, where they’re coming from, where they want to go with their singing, and how they get nervous singing.

Mr. Bourhenne has also studied the major singing teachers of the last 200 years. The Singers AgentsTM goal is that amateur and professional singers gain income and experience they might not otherwise have.

That will involve Singers AgentsTM clients gaining experience by making their own arrangements and negotiating fees with venues referred by the Agency, and establishing a long term relationship with Singers AgentsTM.

For those interested, Mr. Bourhenne’s website is:


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